Cooking With Fire Day at On The Hoof HQ [26/02/22]

Cooking With Fire Day at On The Hoof HQ [26/02/22]

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When?  Saturday 26th February, 10am - 4:30pm
Where? On The Hoof HQ, Gosford Forest Park

Everything we do at On The Hoof is about cooking in the outdoors and cooking over real wood fires. Over the years we've learned lots of great tips and tricks from pit-masters, and now we're passing them on to you.

This amazing one-day course will set you up with all the knowledge and skills you need to cook over fire confidently at home.

From breakfast to supper, everything will be cooked over our wood fires, with the opportunity to cook on our Texan style smoker, wood fired pizza oven, open fire pit and many more great methods of fire cookery from all over the world.

Your day will include all refreshments, and of course you'll be enjoying lots of dishes created over the course of the day. Concluding with a BBQ feast featuring some amazing low and slow dishes you’ll have made with us.

And we won’t just be cooking! You will learn to build, light and manage a fire. Understand the importance of wood selection, and how to source sustainable suppliers. We will even discuss the basics of building your own smoker, pizza oven or fire pit.

Expect to head home with the smell of wood smoke, a full belly, and a new passion for cooking outdoors and over an open fire.

This event will be run in line with COVID guidelines at the time of the event. If the event cannot run due to restrictions we will reschedule to a later date, if it is not possible for you to attend on the rescheduled day then we will refund your ticket.